We use telehealth as a tool to:

  1. Support your staff 24/7/365 during ongoing clinical activities in which additional respiratory proficiency is required to provide optimal care.
  2. Decrease or eliminate your shortage of respiratory therapists with services that can be remotely provided or supported by our team.
  3. Educate your staff with approved tailored curriculums in respiratory care via electronic conferences to improve their knowledge and skills based on a detailed assessment of your institution.
  4. Assist your staff managing respiratory care equipment being utilized by your clients during their stay at your facility to optimize positive outcomes.
  5. Educate your patients and caregivers directly in pathologies afflicting their respiratory system during their stay or prior to discharge.
  6. Review your facility’s gaps in policies, procedures and equipment management that prevents optimization of respiratory services for your patients.
  7. Effectively utilize Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) for the clients in your practice utilizing FDA approved devices.
  8. Remotely direct groups of pulmonary rehabilitation activities of patients at their home.
  9. Effectively reduce your payroll expenses, improve bed occupancy rates, increase productivity, reduce employee burnout and reduce liabilities among other benefits.
RRT support

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